Investing at the intersection of education and employment.

A testbed for innovations that transform the student experience.

We invest in technologies that help students successfully navigate to and through higher education, scale great teaching, and translate educational experiences to the future of work.

Our focus areas

Improving teaching & learning through AI & ML

We are interested in technologies that can scale great teaching, enabling students to provide – and receive – quicker, higher quality feedback. We’re experimenting with competency-based tools that can accelerate time to completion.

Removing friction at critical inflection points

Students often face challenges navigating financial aid processes, managing course materials, and bridging the divide between education and the world of work. We are interested in technologies that make these experiences easier, more convenient – and more impactful.

Encouraging persistence

We are evaluating the impact of technologies that help adult and working learners navigate complexity within – and beyond – the classroom to achieve their educational and career goals.

Education-employment interoperability

We’re building programs that are aligned with the most in-demand jobs and career paths. And we’re partnering with employers to make upskilling and educational benefits work. We are testing next generation career assessments to enable better candidate matching and technologies that make good on the promise of lifelong learning.

Our Team

Terry McDonough
Taylor Chapman
Alex Fife
Kendall Bailey